Safety Checks For Electrical Systems

Hazardous Area Auditors

Our hazardous area auditors are accredited in hazardous area auditing, classification, design, and inspection. They also possess Australian AS/NZS 4761 authorisation, which is internationally accepted, and the IECEx CoPC certification system. To provide our clients peace of mind that their facility is accredited, our team can do thorough eeha inspections of your dangerous location site to make sure it is secure to be used. Before the electrical equipment is turned on for the first time on site, a further regulatory audit needs to be finished for any equipment placed in hazardous areas in the provinces of Victoria and Queensland. These audits may be finished by our inspectors and Certified Hazardous Area Auditors. An extra degree of confidence that the equipment will meet all regulatory compliance requirements of that state is provided by using a Certified Queensland Hazardous Area Auditor for equipment headed for Queensland or a Victorian H-Class Inspector for equipment heading for Victoria. When imported, hazardous area systems and equipment, petrochemical companies are often met with major compliance challenges because the manufacturers may not have realized how strictly Australian regulators apply respect to standards, forcing expensive rework. By guaranteeing that the equipment is constructed by Australian requirements before it is powered on, hiring our inspectors may save you money and time. Our inspectors can be sent anywhere in the world, to carry out factory acceptance testing or preliminary, in-depth inspections across Australia.

Our inspectors are competent in both IECEx CoPC and Australian AS/NZS 4761, so you can be sure that your hazardous area equipment has been installed by strict Australian or international criteria. When it comes to installation, the rigorous inspections that Australian inspectors did during the factory acceptance test may be accepted in Australia. There is no need for the same equipment parts to go through a second, comprehensive examination.

EEHA Inspections

An appropriate assessment of electrical equipment in hazardous areas is made to support all possible kinds of inspections, including environmental, structural, and maintenance inspections, EEHA inspections are one area where Inspection is being actively explored. Any power lines or equipment placed in potentially explosive gas or dust atmospheres must undergo Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas EEHA inspections. Because of its IECEx certification, Ex Equipment is guaranteed to work by the highest safety standards, hence reducing any explosive hazards. EEHA inspectors assess electrical systems and equipment used in possibly hazardous areas. Certain jobs, like that in the mining or gas industries, may need challenges to regulate how much electricity is used. EEHA inspections verify that the equipment used in these locations meets safety regulations and that electrical systems meet compliance standards. EEHA inspectors must be experienced in electrical rules in hazardous sites and must have a strong safety focus. EEHA Inspectors need to be capable of follow requirements and pay super interest to element to execute their obligations.