Types Of Butterfly Valves Australia

butterfly valves

Mechanical engineering is an amalgamation of various small technical but highly essential objects which operate different mechanical processes and functioning. One such intricate object are the valves which are of differently sized, shaped, and structured units involved in the assembly and regulation of multiple machines. The variety observed in valves category is mainly differentiated on the basis of their structures and roles. Knife gate valves Australia are the gate valves which are designed to manage slurry procedures containing viscous and non-viscous solids and liquids. These valves are often found installed in between two sealed by opening and closing of liquid passages during operative activities. On the other hand, butterfly valves Australia are quarter shaped rotors which are used to shut-off the flow of mixtures. These types of valves are usually when a controlled and protective movement and mixing is required like in case of chemical, confectionary, and pharmaceutical industries. The industrial benchmark and productive results are well-appreciated by the application and involvement of butterfly valves.

Structure and applications of knife gate valves Australia

Knife gate valves Australia are designed and used in such a manner that it allows thick fluid media to pass through rough surfaces smoothly without any external interference. These are used to manage the on and off heavy liquid processing applications. The involvement of knife gate valves Australia is quite surface-friendly as it reduces the friction or contact rate between valve components. The efficacy of such gate valve run can be monitored manually or operated by the presence of actuator or hand wheel.

The mechanical body of knife gate valves Australia is developed by the employing steel, stainless steel, carbon, and iron pieces. These valves are functioned by the support of gate which mediates the opening and closing of the flow of mixtures. These valves are used widely in mining industries, chemical processes, food and beverages department, pharmaceuticals, and hydrocarbon applications.

Different types of butterfly valves Australia

The name butterfly valves Australia is termed because of the rotational motion of the valve in form of wings or flights. These are simple, light-weight, compact, and easy to use valves which are able to control, regulate, re-direct, open, and close the passage of flow of thick solid and liquid mixtures. There are mainly three different butterfly valves Australia which are addressed as

  • Zero off butterfly valves
  • Double butterfly valves
  • Triple butterfly valves

There are some other kinds of butterfly valves which are categorized on the basis of the material that is used to manufacture these mechanical objects. These are

  • Plastic butterfly valves
  • Rubber-lined butterfly valves
  • Metal butterfly valves

The compatibility of butterfly valves with the type of technical and industrial management is necessary so that the control and regulation is carried efficiently.


Knife gate valves Australia is a gate and knife installed mechanical valve which is specifically employed for on and off-isolation process like when heavy liquids are involved. Butterfly valves Australia are another kind of valves.